Too Good to Be True

Had good class with New Style.  He refuses to let the school uniforms suppress his hip hop style and always has something funky going on.  Today it was no sleeves.  Props.

Looking for funny Seagal photos to even out the Van Damme barrage, and found this gem. 

This was in the formula section of his energy drink.  No idea what this means;  “The name Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt was an inevitable afterthought. When Steven Seagal finished creating a drink that holds untold natural power, there was only one equivalent in nature – The Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt. Both mysterious and powerful, it’s a symbol of the untold energy the earth has to offer- Such is Steven Seagals Lightning Bolt energy drink.”  The wording here is… I don’t even know.  This paragraph baffles me.  Why is lightening mispelled?  If the drink has ‘untold natural power’ why… oh fuck it.  Shenanigans!!!

Funny Pictures Continued (All Seagal. Gird Your Loins)

  No wonder they won’t breed.  Would you want your kids to go through this?

  Tommy Lee Jones and Seagal fighting over last Trapper Keeper available at Target.Steven_Seagal_rehearsals_img_8028-5.jpg picture by sseagal  The Steven Seagal Band.      “I’m invisible!” 

  Stop it.    Likes Kaleidescopes.

  Teenage years are awkward.  Jacket looks like… shit.

  Van Damage!   

Pouting about Van Damme picture in Seagal section. 

  “You have to cup the balls”


  Anal. Beads.

  His stunt double.  Hair is dead on.

  Beyond all comprehension.

End of Line.


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